Dantec Dynamics, Inc. v. LaVision Inc.

No. 10-14772
December 1, 2010
Federal Court
Eastern District of Michigan

Dantec alleges defendant and direct competitor LaVision received confidential information about existing and prospective customers from a former Dantec salesperson, Michael Kotas who began work for LaVision after he was terminated. Kotas allegedly accessed Dantec's computer systems in order to obtain the information about Dantec’s customers then subsequently deleted electronic information to cover his tracks. Dantec claims that LaVision used the information to solicit business from its customers.

A scheduling/settlement conference is set for April 20, 2011.

Dantec Dynamics, Inc.
LaVision Inc.
Uniform Trade Secrets Act

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Complaint | 2010-12-01
Answer | 2011-02-04